Singing Made Simple.

Ben Boecker

Hi!  My name is Ben, I'm a baritone, and I teach voice in the NYC area to students at all levels.  I also give coachings and do audition prep!  I can travel to your home, or meet you in Manhattan.  I've been studying voice for 9 years, and teaching for five years, and I feel equally at home teaching classical and musical theater techniques.  My teachers include Metropolitan Tenor Anthony Dean Griffey, Matt Shepherd Smith (NYU), and Ron Meixsell (Long Island Vocal Guru).

My philosophy:   

Singing techniques should be easily understood.  Many teachers like to shroud singing in mystery, saying they cannot explain what your body needs to do.  There is an element of truth to this, but only in a temporary manner.  Our bodies learn quickly, and if that's not happening, it's a red flag.

There are three components to good singing:

The first is a solid breathing mechanism, grounded in tension-free, low abdominal breathing.  This is often referred to as support.  The next is a pure vowel and complementary consonant (The vowel must be pure so as to release all tension from the tongue and jaw.  The consonant must be complementary, meaning helpful, to the vowel, and not allow any tension to sneak into the vowel).  The final component is dramatic investment.  With a dramatic understanding of character, motivation, and stakes, the singer's entire being- mind, body, and soul- become invested in the piece of music, and make it possible for him/her to perform extraordinary feats of the voice.

The goal of singing is to communicate.

I like to call it, "Speaking to hearts."  As singers, we speak to human hearts.  We tug at strings of love and regret, and we hope that, more than heard, we will be listened to.  Healthy singing will naturally facilitate this communication.  With a strong technique, the words you are singing will be crisp and clear, the tone of your voice will be consistent and pure, and the meaning of your words will come across with crystalline specificity.

Sample lessons on request.  

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