Ben Boecker

country music star!"


Music and Lyrics by Ben Boecker
Based on the film, "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind,"

NOTE: This is not for commercial use, as the underlying rights are not secure.  The songs may be performed commercially, but the story may not.

Joel Barrish decides to erase his ex-girlfriend from his memory, but at the very last minute, he changes his mind.  (IN DEVELOPMENT)

A Perfect Musical Fairytale

"Remember Me"


"Marisol: The Mail-Order

"God of Love"

Book and Lyrics by Laurel Haines

Music and Lyrics by Ben Boecker

"Mail-Order Country Music Star!" is an original musical telling the story of a young woman from the Phillipines named Marisol who comes to America as a mail-order bride in order to pursue her dream of becoming a country music star. (IN DEVELOPMENT)

Music by Ben Boecker
​Book and Lyrics by Jessica Fleitman
Ten-Minute Musical based on the short film, "God of Love" by Luke Matheny.

Raymond Goodfellow, a very talented dart-thrower and nightclub singer, is in love with his drummer: Kelli Kapour, but she won't return his affection.  When his prayers for divine assistance are answered in the form of a box of love-darts, a warm-hearted and witty adventure ensues.  Featuring the Boecker/Fleitman hits, "I Have Never Been so Happy," and "Hey God, You Missed," "God of Love," is sure to entertain children and adults alike.  You gotta love it.


Book, Music, and Lyrics by Ben Boecker

     "Spellbound!" tells the story of a Witch named Cedarella who feels like she identifies more with Princesses than witches, and decides to run away from home to seek her One True the Mountains of New Hampshire.  She meets an extreme gardener named Hunter and rejects him because he’s too short, and finally finds her perfect man— who turns out to be a love-sucking robot designed by her evil witch aunts.  Will Cedarella find a way to meld her fairytale vision of true love with the real world of the New Hampshire mountains, or will her evil witchy aunts suck all of the love out of her heart before she can?

Book, Music, and Lyrics by Ben Boecker
Based on the Anthology, "Operation Homecoming,"
by the National Endowment for the Arts

Robert died in Iraq.  Or so he thought.  Surprisingly, after the grenade exploded, he came to in a theater, with a notebook full of his fellow soldiers' stories and a post-it with three words on it: "One Final Mission."  He has been given a task: The stories of those soldiers must live on, and it's up to him to tell them.  (IN DEVELOPMENT)